The Best Eats in NYC

Internationally recognized as the best of the best, New York City dazzles and delights. It is one of the most visited cities. It’s glamorized in television and movies, sought out by the up-and-coming looking to strike it big, and visited by every first-timer to the States. It has undeniable appeal, and is coolly going about its business while people ooh and aah over it. I don’t need to convince you that you need to visit, but when you do visit you’ll need to know where to find some good grub. Here are some of the best eats that NYC has to offer! You won’t want to miss these culinary delights on your next visit to the Big Apple!



NYC has the best food of every variety. From bagels and doughnuts, to pizza and burgers, to Mexican and sushi and Mediterranean and Thai, oh my! NYC is the melting pot where food experts from near and far have settled to hone their craft.

For bagels, I recommend Kossar Bialys. You’ll get a no-frills bagel that will leave you wanting more. For doughnuts, try the Doughnut Plant, which has lots of delicious flavor offerings, or Dough Loco, which has a handful of artfully crafted options, all sure to delight.


The best Mexican eats are at Esperanto in Alphabet City, and they have taken a tasty spin on the classic eggs benedict. The best Irish pub grub can be found at Connolly’s Pub off 5th Ave. You’ll be surprised to find here an authentic Irish vibe, selection of taps, and menu listing for a place so close to the tourist draw. For a hearty offering of Mediterranean, head over to Pera Mediterranean Braserie, near Grand Central Station. Here you can go straight into a food coma from the grape leaf wraps and hummus and pita.

The best burger in the city is at the burger joint in Le Park Meridien Hotel. It’s a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves up fresh burgers and fries, and lets you sign your name on the wall. It’s the secret everyone knows about, but its popularity hasn’t spoiled the quality of the burgers it serves up. Just be sure to scope out the menu (written on a piece of cardboard on the wall) before you’re up at the register, because if you don’t know your order you get sent to the back of the line!


Grab a slice of pizza at Yankee Pizza on Avenue C and get your Italian fix at Eataly in Madison Square Park. Eataly is a dream and a nightmare, as the options are endless but everything you could choose there is excellent. Be sure to check out the Nutella Bar!

The absolute best sushi in the city is at Blue Ribbons Sushi in Soho, but you have to know what you’re looking for because the restaurant isn’t marked on the outside. The bluesy jazz and scent of fresh fish that hit you when you walk through the door will let you know immediately that you’ve found a hidden gem. The passion for sushi and impeccable service here only further complements  the food itself. Try the Blue Crab California Roll and Spicy Lobster Roll, you won’t regret it!


For the absolute best Thai food in the city you have to go over to Queens and hit up SriPraPhai. The wait will be long and filled with yelling children but when you’re escorted out to the back patio and served your meal, you’ll be glad you waited. Their Drunken Noodles and Pad See-Ew are excellent, but be sure to start with the crispy Fried Chicken Egg Roll.

There are almost too many amazing restaurants to try in New York so it helps to know some good places to start. Check these out and you’ll be happy you did!


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