The 7 Best Things About New York City


It’s no secret that NYC is a city of diverse and enticing interests that people love to visit. It’s no secret, and over 50 million visitors come to NYC each year! In case you’re late to the game or you’re resisting the appeal of the Big Apple or you’re just looking for some inspiring eye candy, here are the 8 Best Things about NYC, that will surely make you want to go visit!

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1.   Everything is larger than life in NYC! You are constantly feeling small as you wander around the endless grid of streets, stare up at the buildings that pierce the sky, and blend into a crowd of 9 million residents. It’s not called the Big Apple for nothing. Be prepared for a larger than life experience when you come to NYC!

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2.   It’s a major hub and home of art. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to the Guggenheim Museum, art is of central importance here and it’s shown off as such in the city’s many famed museums. Artists come to NYC for inspiration, to strike it big, to hone their craft, and any art-lover will be endlessly entertained here.


 3.   The streets of NYC are filled with the most diverse and interesting mix of people that you could imagine. You probably actually can’t imagine all the different folks you’ll meet here. As the center and starting point of America’s melting pot, NYC has people from every walk of life and persuasion. The people you meet on your travels and in your life enrich your experiences and teach you along the way. The NYC population has been featured in a beautiful anthropological project called Humans of New York, which I recommend checking out if you don’t know about it already.

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 4.   The food is as diverse as the people, and delicious too! Known for its bagels and NY style pizza, the Big Apple also boasts a huge variety of food offerings that represent the many places its residents come from. And not only that, but there are more restaurants in NYC than you could eat at in your entire lifetime! Some of the best dining you’ll ever experience can be found on the here…come try for yourself!


5.    New York City is the home of music! As Taylor Swift pronounced in her recent album, “Welcome to New York, It’s been waiting for you.” It’s where great music is made and if the thought of sharing a city with music’s greats doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will! The concentration of musical artists here leaves the rest of us with the opportunity to see great musicians in the making, as they perform in local venues on their rise to fame.


 6.   New York City is also one of the country’s oldest cities, one of the first places to be claimed as part of the new world. Much of the history of the country is rooted right here in NYC. See evidence of this significance in the city itself, in its architecture and monuments, and in the museums that pay tribute to its history.

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 7.   Last but not least, New York City is uniquely and impressively it’s own. There is no other city in the world that offers everything that NYC has…from art and culture, to food and music, to history and sheer size, to international appeal and diversity. NYC has it all, and you could spend a lifetime exploring all it has to offer!

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