Ski New Hampshire: Spotlight on Bretton Woods

When you peer out the window and see flakes of snow gently falling from the sky, covering the five feet of snow that have already piled up this year, there’s only one thing to do…go skiing! The northeast has seen a record-breaking amount of snow this season, which may have some people griping over the shoveling and inconvenience it brings in the city, but for those of us that can still see this opportunity with a child-like sense of wonder, it’s a chance to play! Seizing this opportunity, I took a ride up to Bretton Woods Ski Resort this weekend.FullSizeRender

Bretton Woods is the perfect spot for skiing FullSizeRender_2and wintry merriment. The mountain has 62 trails, 35 glades, 10 lifts, and loads of snow! The snow continued to fall throughout the day, leaving the trails with a fresh coat of powder at all times. And even with these near-perfect conditions, the multitude of trails and lifts had me feeling like I had the mountain to myself! Never waiting long in line, I was able to enjoy almost all the trails, and take as many runs as I wanted. Then when it was time to warm up, the lodge had all the comfort and warmth you could need, complete with a bar and fireplace! FullSizeRender_1

Not far from Mt. Washington, the East Coast’s tallest peak, Bretton Woods is located in the White Mountains, and offers some of the best skiing I’ve experienced. You should definitely try to take a trip there yourself!

And for Bostonians looking to takeFullSizeRender a day trip up to the mountains, check out New England Snow Bus. They run buses up to various mountains every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. And the cost of the bus includes your lift ticket, for about the same as it would cost you just to buy a lift ticket for the day. It’s a good deal, and better yet, you can relax and sleep on the ride up and back!

Have you skiied Bretton Woods? What was your favorite part about it?

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