Quick Ski Adventure to Vermont

We wanderlusters, travel-fanatics, and adventure-seekers tend to dream big and far. I find my mind drifting off to Bali, Brazil, and Burkina Faso most days. But truth be told, I’ve got a lot to discover in my own backyard. Whether that backyard is walking, biking, or driving distance, there are opportunities for adventure and excitement that don’t require an airplane ride or a crossing of international borders.

Feeling inspired by this notion of backyard wanderlusting, this past weekend, I took a quick ski trip up to Killington Mountain in Vermont. I enjoyed a day of skiing on a beautiful mountain, and it was brilliant fun! Vermont is home to some truly gorgeous mountains, and I feel so lucky to live nearby. All day long, I cruised down the slopes, swoosh swoosh swoosh. I skied until my legs were sore, and then I relaxed with a cup of hot cocoa in the lodge, enjoying the comfort and camaraderie of the ski lodge. So, next time you’re craving adventure and travel, but are restrained by time or money or the like, try exploring what’s in your own backyard.

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