Visit Disney on a Budget

Walt Disney World is a wonderful and magical place to visit. I can’t recommend highly enough that you go, no matter your age! There’s fun for everyone at Disney.


It comes at a high cost, though. So, to help you make the most of your trip and make the magic possible, I’ve compiled some tips for stretching the budget here at Disney!

  1. Choose one of the budget-friendly FullSizeRenderresorts that Disney offers. I stayed at the All-Star Music Resort, and it was great! The resort is still Disney-themed, complete with fun architecture and design, and friendly staff. One of the two swimming pools was guitar shaped and the other featured a character fountain. There was an arcade and cafeteria and Disney store there too!
  2. Utilize the free shuttle system. Disney World is relatively spread out and you could take taxis to get wherever you wanted, but unless you’re in FullSizeRender_2a super hurry, the shuttles will do the trick!
  3. Buy your Mickey Mouse ears ahead of time. Trust me, when everyone around you is wearing them, you’ll want a pair too! They start at $15 in-park, but you can find a cheaper pair near home or online. Plus, that way you can get the excitement started early and wear them on the plane!
  4. Pack your food and drinks. Once you enter the Disney World complex, the food all becomes pricey, so the more you bring in with you the more cash you can save. And they won’t give you a hard time at bag check for bringing your own food!
  5. Opt for photos as souvenirs instead of gifts. As you’re walking through the park, you can’t move more than 20 paces in any direction without FullSizeRender_1seeing a souvenir shop. Everything in the shops is way cute and so tempting, but it’s also pricey, and after all you came to Disney for the experience not the stuff you could buy!
  6. Don’t load your credit card onto your Magic Band. These wristbands are super cool, they get you into your hotel room, the parks, the FastPass lines, and stores and restaurants. All you have to do is tap it against the Mickey Mouse band reader! Do you see why that is so dangerous?! If you load your credit card onto the band, it could be very easy to spend a lot in the parks without giving it a second thought. The smartest visitors will take cash and stick to their preset limit, but even if you use your credit card it will be more of a deterrent to overspending than the Magic Bands.
  7. FullSizeRender_1Don’t purchase extras like FastPass and Memory Maker ahead of time. You may want different bonus features once you’re in the parks, and you can always add it when you need it. Plus, you may be surprised to find what extras are included. I was delighted to find that each day, I got to use the FastPass on three rides!


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