Luxury and Vibrancy in Palm Beach


The pristine, tropical beauty of Palm Beach, Florida is charming and alluring. The lawns are perfectly manicured, the palm trees tall, and the people smiling. Everyone is dressed to the nines in bright colors, Lilly Pulitzer, big hats, and big sunglasses. People soak up the warm sun all year round and proudly bask in the perfect haven that has been built in this tropical hotspot!


When you stay at The Breakers Palm Beach hotel, you will have the most luxuriously pampered time! This hotel epitomizes the old money that it’s built on, while delivering on the modern amenities expected by its wealthy visitors. From the moment you drive onto the property, you’ll feel like royalty. The professional staff takes care of you and all your concerns, ensuring that your visit is as special as possible, while you enjoy the beautiful resort and its perfectly luscious grounds.


If a stay at the Breakers isn’t in the budget, visit The Seafood Bar on their property for a lunch with a view. The restaurant looks out over the ocean, and the palm trees swaying in the wind are just idyllic. I recommend trying the zucchini chips and truffle fries!


Enjoy the shopping on Worth Avenue. The street is a beautiful display of all the fanciest shopping you could hope for, and taking an afternoon to stroll up and down it is a real treat! Whether you’re there for some serious retail therapy or just some window shopping, it’s a lovely time. If you need a break from the budget-busting luxury stores like Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vitton, stop in to Maryanna Suzanna’s shop, where you’ll find some of the nicest handmade trinkets and decorations, all Palm Beach inspired!


You should find time to experience the beaches and the golf courses. You can also take a drive around the residential area of Ocean Boulevard to see how the “other half” lives. See if you can spot Donald Trump’s house, or some of the other celebrities that set up shop in this paradise city.


Palm Beach is a luxurious experience, a beautiful retreat, and it will be a trip you won’t soon forget!


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