A Magical Day in Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

I step off Mickey’s Magical Express and see the sign I’ve been waiting for, Welcome toFullSizeRender Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! A wave of joy and nostalgia crash over me and it’s all I can do to hold back the waterworks as I step forward into this magical world I’ve been waiting for. I remember back to my visits here as a child, playing with my favorite Disney character dolls, and watching Disney movies on repeat. As I pass through the gates, the Walt Disney World Railroad is pulling into the station, choo choo! Walking forward to Main Street USA, I’m stopped by a parade that’s moving through town. The music guides the characters and dancers down the street, dancing to the beat, and everyone on the sidewalk can’t help but dance along with them. Tinker Bell and Minnie and then Frozen’s Elsa wave to me as they move past. FullSizeRender_2And as I glance around, I see little mini-me versions of the princesses and characters everywhere! The excitement and sense of wonder emanating from all the little children in the park sends shivers up my spine. This is probably the greatest day in their short lives so far, and to be around that energy only exaggerates the joy in my own experience.

The day is filled with meeting characters like Mickey and Tink, riding peaceful attractions like the Liberty Square Riverboat and It’s a Small World, and going on thrill rides like Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. At every FullSizeRender_1turn, I’m amazed by the magic that Disney has created in this park. With always something to do and see, my wandering eyes were never at a loss for entertainment. And of course, no trip to the Magic Kingdom would be complete without a ride on The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

FullSizeRender_4After a long day of fun, when exhaustion sets into the faces of all around, we all feel a second wave of energy for the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular! Gazing upon Cinderella’s Castle, I’m blown away to see an animated show begin projecting onto the Castle’s walls. In this musical blend of all Disney’s major movies, characters like Belle and Donald Duck and Jiminy Cricket make their appearances on the side of the castle, bringing me back to each film and each magical moment that made me fall more in love with Disney. Then a choreographed fireworks display starts, to compliment the show, and I feel this is the epitome of the Disney experience. I couldn’t have asked for a more magnificent ending to an enchanting day in Disney’s Magical Kingdom!

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