10 Reasons Why Chicago is Amazing

The Windy City, Chicago has much to offer visitors, locals, tourists, and natives alike. It is one of my favorite cities and I recommend everyone takes a visit! Here are my top 10 reasons why Chicago is an amazing and unique city that you should definitely visit!

IMG_5186 - Version 2

  1. Play with reflections at the Bean. Perhaps one of the most famous modern art installations ever created, the Bean draws in hoards of folks eager to see the city skyline morphed by its reflective curved design. Brush up on your geometry and physics as you try to sort out how the angles distort your body into a Salvador Dali-like artwork of reflections.IMG_8646
  2. Watch the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. Since being built in 1914, Wrigley Field has been an icon of Chicago. Be sure to tour the facilities or catch a baseball game while you’re in town. Go Cubs!
  3. Walk the Mag Mile. The Magnificent Mile is a beautiful stretch of shopping and skyscrapers through downtown Chicago that will will have you marveling at the pristine city’s image. Get in plenty of shopping and sight-seeing from this central street.IMG_8654
  4. Lincoln Park. Much more than a park, Lincoln Park offers a zoo, beach, conservatory, and nature museum. You could spend all day in this luscious green break from the city. Spanning 1200 acres, Lincoln Park offers stunning views of Chicago as well!
  5. A slice of pizza requires both hands! The Chicago deep dish pizza is no joke. It looks more like a slice of shepherds pie than pizza. But if you can manage to keep it together enough to eat, you’ll see why they love this delicious dinner so much in Chicago.IMG_5170 - Version 2
  6. Architecture boat tour. The architectural highlights of this city are conveniently accessibly by boat, on the Chicago River that cuts through the city. The boat tour is a perfect combination of sight-seeing and river cruising, sure to delight!IMG_5201
  7. Second City comedy show. Watch an improv comedy show at Second City, where almost all the great comedians got started, and scope out the upcoming talent! It’s the first ever on-going improvisational troupe in North America, and by the end of the show your stomach will ache from laughter.IMG_5051
  8. Sue the T Rex at the Field Museum. Sue is the largest, most complete T Rex ever discovered and excavated! Her international acclaim and impressive size will draw you in, and then you’ll be amazed by all the exhibits and treasures found here, at one of the world’s largest natural history museums.IMG_5067
  9. Buckingham Fountain. In Grant Park you’ll find one of the world’s largest and most captivating water fountains. Its base and waterworks remind the eye of wedding cake design and the Versailles Palace fountain. As if the 14,000 gallons of water pushed through the almost 200 jets each minute isn’t spectacle enough, there are also periodic light shows at the fountain to enjoy!IMG_5085
  10. Outdoor concerts at Millennium Park. Free public events, like outdoor concerts and film screenings, draw crowds to Millennium Park, where the event merely accentuates the modern architectural concert venue and Chicago city skyline views. Join Chicago-ans and visitors for a concert on the city’s central greenspace!IMG_8632

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