8 Items You Must Bring to the Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. It was hot, wet, breathtaking, and unforgiving of its imposition as a force of nature. When preparing for such an adventure, it’s important to be well-equipped. Here is what I would recommend to bring, after having visited this magnificent rain forest myself!

A sturdy, breathable rain jacket. I wore this Columbia Splash a Little rain jacket and felt very dry and comfortable.

A couple of ponchos just in case. Everything and everyone will get wet in the jungle. And sometimes you just need extra protection.

A pair of quality rain boots, like Hunter Wellies. These were a godsend as we schlupped through the mug and debris on the jungle floor.

Large ziplock bags and plastic grocery bags. I used all of mine and didn’t have enough. The humidity in the rain forest is such that everything will be moist by the end of your trip, and anything you try to hang dry will retain all of its moisture. So for protecting things and keeping the wetness out, bring baggies.

A wide-brimmed hat. This will be essential when trekking through the forest. Though you could go for the alternative, and use my trick of making a rain hat out of a giant leaf!

Bug spray! The higher the deet the better. I brought 100 deet and (when I remembered to use it!) was very well protected.

On that note, get your immunizations and pills at your local travel clinic. There’s nothing that will ruin a trip faster than a case of yellow fever or malaria that gets you evacuated out of the country for hospitalization. The threat is real, the prevention is easy. Just do it.

A backpack that’s waterproof if possible! If not, the poncho will come in handy to keep your pack dry. This pack is important because you’ll need to keep a waterbottle, snacks, bug spray, a first aid kid, and a camera with you when you trek.

The Amazon Jungle is an unbelievable place, filled with a beautiful and diverse array of plants and animals. You should definitely visit, and I hope this list is helpful when you do!

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