Tulip Heaven at the Keukenhof Gardens


Located just outside of Amsterdam is 79 acres of tulip gardens, housing 7 million flower bulbs! From March to May every year the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens are in bloom and open to the public, and believe me it’s worth a visit. The perfectly manicured lawns highlight colorful flower beds with every different kind of tulip that I never even knew existed. Walking around the Gardens could take hours, as you stroll along the curving banks of the ponds, being equally delighted by the tulips beside you and the swans swimming in the pond.


As I float on cloud nine through the tulip gardens, surrounded by the beauties that drew me here after much wanderlust dreaming, I feel grateful that the town’s mayor wanted to turn this former hunting grounds into this magnificent display. The Netherlands are the world’s leading exporter of flowers, and developing this floral masterpiece is the perfect way to showcase the country’s pride and expertise. For a very long time it was the largest flower garden in the world, and although Dubai has since stolen that title (more on Dubai here), the origin and symbolism of the Keukenhof Gardens remains a major draw for visitors, both domestically and internationally.


The Gardens show off a diverse array of tulips that are laid out to please the eye, a gardener’s masterpiece. There are also windmills and giant wooden Dutch clogs to bring the classic feel of Holland onto the grounds, and complement the different gardening styles from around the world represented here. You will also be able to sneak a peek of the long, sprawling flower gardens lying just beyond the reaches of the Gardens. When you plan your visit to Holland, be sure to take a trip out to the Keukenhof Gardens. You will love it! And if you can’t make it during March-May, perhaps you can get a sneak peak with the display in Amsterdam on National Tulip Day, which celebrates the opening of tulip season in January!


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