7 Stages of Falling in Love with Roma


Roma is an enchanting city, luring in visitors from all over the world who seek romance, pasta, and a look at some of the best of what Italy has to offer. It only took me one weekend in Rome to completely fall in love with it, and to vow that I would take any chance I could get to live there one day! Here follows the 7 stages of falling in love with Rome, Italy


1.  Wandering around the narrow, colorful streets of Rome, you instantly feel at home in this charming city. The winding side streets are seemingly endless and a beauty to look at, but you would do well to have a map handy. The bustling energy of Rome’s piazzas dissipate as you wander to side streets, where Italian life really happens, where people walk to market, chat with neighbors, and kiss their sweetie. The buildings are architectural gems and well-preserved, making every street a potential tourist attraction.

2.  There are fountains on every street corner and in every piazza. The Romans love their waterworks, and the hand-carved sculptures are made more impressive by the movement of water around them. The fountain that draws crowds of course is Trevi Fountain, where you can marvel at the designs of Nicola Salvi and toss a coin in the fountain to make a wish.


3.  Then at dinner you’ll swoon over the pastas and pizzas and wine. The bruschetta, carbonara, bolognese, ravioloi, pizza bianca, and chianti will warm your stomach and steal your heart. Walk over to Trastevere and choose from the abundance of small restaurants where you have the table for the night and the food just keeps coming.

4.  A visit to Vatican City will make even the most ardent atheist feel the power of religion here. Saint Peter’s Basilica, with its enormity of wealth devoted to Christ, is amazing and humbling. You can attend mass there with the Pope, which leads to the thrilling game of which country’s visitors can cheer with the loudest vigor when the Pope thanks them for coming. The Brazilians are very enthusiastic.


5.  As your love affair with Roma grows deeper and stronger, a visit to the Colosseum will dazzle you. The largest amphitheater in the world, it has for almost two centuries housed gladiator contests and public spectacles and Classical mythology dramas. The Colosseum is a Roman architectural masterpiece and the history that has taken place in and around it add further significance to this beautiful, iconic structure.


6.  The Roman Empire started and ruled from these very grounds, and the historical significance of this land shines through at every turn. Protected archealogical ruins are as commonplace a pizzeria or gelateria. One of the most historically rich cities in the world, Roma will win you over as she effortlessly shows you at every turn just how important of a city she has always been and remains today.

7.  Of the warm and friendly bunch that make up Italians, Romans are perhaps the warmest and friendliest. If you can find your way off the beaten path, you will be rewarded to find the sweetest people, and your love affair with Rome will fall into a deeply unrelenting passion that will entice you back time and again.


Now you have been excited (or warned!) about how you will fall in love with Rome, and it may be time for you to start booking your trip. Spend an afternoon flipping through a guide book of Rome as  you sip on a cappuccino, and let your mind explore the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead of you in Rome!


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