My Heart Longs for Nice


I long for warm sunny days, lounging on the edge of the French Riviera, surrounded by the lyric hum of French conversation. In Nice I found a paradisaical escape from city living, from my everyday worries. The salty sea air methodically heals me, chases away my stresses, as I lay smiling in the sand.


This little town in the south of France has perfected the combination of French style, beach relaxation, and sunny exuberance. The effortless luxury chic of Paris is translated here to an effortless cool, a relaxed vibe of white linens, striped cottons, bikinis under sundresses, big sunglasses, and flopping hats. The Europeans cherish their holidays, an absolutely necessary break from hard work and labor. Surrounded by the world’s largest rosé wine-producing region, Nice is blessed with the finest and most refreshing rosés. The perfection of these wines is the product of the hot summers and cool Mediterranean breezes coming together to please both visitors and vineyards. And by night the town is painted pink, as everyone holds a glass of rosé in their hand, melting into the relaxing rhythm of night by the sea.


Nice is also pleasantly nestled into the Provence region, where the scent of lavender is almost within reach as it wafts over from the fields. A relaxing holiday to Nice should include a drive to the countryside, for the opportunity to see the fields of purple extending over and around the hillsides, extending for seemingly forever. Rent a Citroen or a Vespa and go for a ride around winding countryside roads, stopping as you please for the views and the sun. Explore the lavender fields and vineyards and small towns where old town France lives on, unfazed by the modern obsessions in cities.


Nice is one of many popular cities overlooking the Mediterranean, the others visible on the flight into town. In the distance I can see the French Alps, a quaint string of points rising up from the horizon, not alluding to their massive presence from up close. On the land bordering the sea are many little squares and dots, each a multimillion Euro villa, but from above they are just colorful glitter on the green landscape. And below me is the rich blue of ocean, the deeply enchanting turquoise that draws people to the Riviera each summer. The waves crash against the rocky cliffside, creating a white buffer around the coast. From the airplane window it all looks like a scene in a snowglobe, a paradise world waiting to come to life. Luckily it already has, it entertains and impresses all the time, showing off its many assets to those lucky enough to visit. I was one of them once and I will be again, all in time. I will return to Nice, will you?


2 thoughts on “My Heart Longs for Nice

  1. crawcraftsbeasties says:

    Hey, cheers for stopping by my blog! I just had to read your post about Nice… It’s probably my favourite place in France and it’s too long since I last visited. Thanks for reminding me what I’ve been missing :)

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