English Seaside Escape to Brighton


Beach-weather days in England are a rare commodity, as the country sits at the high latitude of about 50°N. But on the occasion that the sun is shining and the air is warm, there’s one place that provides the perfect escape from either the bustling urban scenery of London or from the bucolic English countryside. Brighton is just the place for a seaside escape on a sunny day!


On the beach there is the Brighton Pier, complete with colorful lights and cheerful music spilling out of the arcade. Looking out over the beach and the town, the scent of hot dogs, fish and chips, and fried dough adds to the tantalizing allure of this boardwalk. After enjoying the games and toys and snacks and views on the boardwalk, visitors can explore the charming town with its winding streets and quaint homes. The eager tourist may even be able to hunt down the famous Banksy graffiti art of the kissing cops!


Brighton has long been a favorite seaside escape for folks around England. The Royal family vacationed in Brighton at the Royal Pavilion, which was built in the popular Indian-inspired architectural style of the early 1800s. This historic clashing of cultures is a theme that persists in modern day life in Brighton. The eclectic shops and quirky restaurants are one of its major attractions.


During May they hold the Brighton Festival, which is the pinnacle of the alternative art scene that thrives here year-round. The festival encompasses performers, exhibits, a parade, and draws in crowds eager to experience what Brighton’s artists have to offer.


Known also as the gay capital of the UK, Brighton is a friendly and welcoming town, where acceptance of anyone regardless of their preferences or quirks is standard. The diversity of the community here makes for a fun visit. And with the ease of traveling here from London by train or bus, visitors should be sure to include Brighton on their itinerary!



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