10 Must-See Spots in London

I was lucky enough to live in London for a few months, a few years ago. It’s a beautiful, historic, culturally-rich city, and I loved every moment I got to spend there! When you’re planning your trip to London, England, be sure to squeeze in these 10 Must-See Spots:


1.  See a Shakespearean performance at The Globe Theatre. For an odd juxtaposition, walk over afterwards to the Tate Modern, a modern art museum. And then grab some culinary treats at Borough Market.


2.  Enjoy a stroll through St. James Park before lining up to watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Word to the wise, get there early and grab a spot at the fence.


3.  Walk through the Victoria & Albert Museum, and take in the beautiful, diverse collection housed there. Holding 4.5 million pieces, it’s the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. My favorite piece by far is the Chihuly chandelier in the main entrance!


4.  Visit The British Museum, home to the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone, and much more. It’s free and enormous…you could spend all day in there!


5.  Ride the tube to get around the city. It’s easy to navigate and is one of the best public transit systems I’ve seen. And don’t forget to Mind The Gap!


6.  Tour the Tower of London with the Beefeaters, and see the Crown Jewels. Be sure to have your camera ready when you’re going for the jewels though, as they control traffic flow with a moving sidewalk! While you’re there, check to make sure the ravens are on the premise, otherwise you’d better scurry out of there! Outside the Tower grounds is the famous Tower Bridge, which crosses over the River Thames.


7.  Head to the north of the city to explore the shops and treasures to be found at Camden Lock Market, and climb up to the top of Primrose Hill for a nice view over London. Also nearby are the ZSL London Zoo and Regent’s Park, where you can have a lovely picnic.

8.  Tour the House of Parliament and marvel at Big Ben. Then grab yourself a proper English breakfast at The Red Lion, which was frequented by Charles Dickens and Sir Winston Churchill in their days. Just beware of the black pudding!


9.  Stop by King’s Cross station to see Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4. Then take a walk to the British Library, where you can see historical documents like the Magna Carta and the first printed bible.


10.  Get lost in Harrods, as they say in the Parent Trap. With over 330 departments covering 5 acres, it won’t be hard to find something for everyone at Harrods. Be sure to stop by the food halls, and bring me back some sweets, won’t you?

This should get your London plans off to a good start! Be sure to share some pictures from your visit!

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