Visit The Atlantis on a Budget

When you visit The Bahamas, the best place to stay is at The Atlantis Resort (more on that here). But as with any vacation to a tropical island, staying at a resort can become pricey quickly. If you are a smart traveler and you plan ahead, though, you can see and do more and stay longer! Here’s my advice for Visiting The Atlantis on a Budget:


– Be flexible with your dates. From airfare to hotel rooms, prices go up when demand is high. So if the dates you originally picked land in the middle of school vacation week, then you’d be wise to shift your dates and save some money. As you’re searching around on travel websites for flights and hotel deals, take the time to run multiple searches of different travel dates.


– Check The Atlantis Resort website for deals and steals. If you’re like me, your first instinct for booking a hotel is to use a site like Expedia that compiles lots of data quickly and easily for you. But sometimes you can score a good deal by booking through the resort’s website, like the resort credit and complimentary swimming with dolphins experience I got when I booked!


– Explore the five different towers at The Atlantis. The towers range in their luxury appeal (and subsequently, their room pricing), with the Royal Towers being the most grandiose and expensive. The least expensive options are the Coral and Beach Towers, which provide a very nice experience and full access to the whole resort without the lofty price tag. Staying at the budget-friendly towers of The Atlantis allows you to experience all of the awesome amenities around the huge resort complex, which you would miss out on if you opted for a budget hotel elsewhere on the island.



– Opt out of the meal plan. The plans are expensive and you’d have to eat your weight in food to get your money’s worth. You will inevitably buy some food and drink in the resort, even though it’s overpriced. But when you’re not on the meal plan, you have the freedom to leave the resort for some meals. Across the bridge from Paradise Island on Nassau Island there are lots of waterfront dining options to the tune of fried seafood. Check out the Poop Deck and Fish Fry! You can also take a five-minute taxi ride to the grocery store on Nassau Island and stock up on breakfast, lunch, and snack supplies! Additionally, you’ll get vouchers for cold waterbottles at the resort each day of your stay, which helps.


– Plan your activities ahead of time. There is so much to do at The Atlantis Resort that you’ll hardly be able to see the whole resort complex. By planning ahead you can make sure you schedule the activities you definitely want to do, like swimming with the dolphins or playing the Paradise Island Golf Course. This way you can research what each activity is like and whether you are interested, and you avoid scrambling to buy tickets to everything once you’re there.

There you have it, my advice for visiting The Atlantis Resort on a budget. I hope you have the chance to visit because it’s a beautiful, fun, and relaxing slice of heaven!


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