Staying at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas


When you hear The Bahamas, your mind instantly pictures white sand beaches, palm trees, clear sunny skies, and inevitably also the enormous Atlantis Resort with its coral pink towers, giant waterslide, and beachfront pools. The Atlantis has become synonymous with The Bahamas, the perfect place to stay to enjoy this gorgeous slice of paradise. Taking up the whole of Paradise Island, off of the capital island of Nassau, The Atlantis Resort is the ideal beach vacation spot.


The resort is enormous, with five sets of pink towers offering hundreds of rooms, a private golf course, a dolphin and sea lion interaction center, waterslides and water playgrounds, a casino, high-end shopping, and loads of amazing restaurants. So large is the resort that in a long weekend stay I wasn’t able to see it all and was still getting lost trying to navigate around. For those that love the beach and sun, this is the spot to be. And even for those looking for more adventure and exploration in a vacation, the Atlantis is equally suited for you. At the Atlantis there is something for everyone.


The Atlantis has gone to great strides to consider and appeal to the customer experience. The hotel towers are stunning, the lobbies and hallways each uniquely and beautifully decorated to compliment the beach scene outside. Everywhere you could go in this resort has been decorated to aesthetically please you, letting you know that this paradise has been crafted with you in mind. The transactions are easy, whether you have a meal plan or not it just takes the swipe of your room card to get your lunch, drinks, and more. You get complimentary water bottles during your stay, encouraging good hydration while you spend all day out in the sun. Staff members are situated everywhere, to help you, direct you, keep the resort clean, provide amenities, answer questions. When you stay at The Atlantis, just show up and everything is taken care of for you.


As you sit on the beach and press your feet into the warm, soft sand, you hear waves crashing onto the beach, seagulls squawking at each other, and children screaming with joy as they run straight into the crashing waves. The local Bahamians walk by to offer services and goods, “Would you like to get your hair braided?”, “Jet skis, jet skis”, and “Fresh coconuts here. Would you like a fresh coconut?” It all sounds enticing and you want to say yes to it all, but then again, we’re on island time here and there’s no rush to do it all at once. Just the coconut for now. Ahhh, the cool refreshing coconut water quenches your thirst.


And as the sun sets on each day of paradise here, the towers are illuminated by the colors in the sky and the resort settles in for a night of Bahamian fun. Outdoor tiki dinners set to traditional Bahamian music, fine dining in the upscale restaurants serving up the fresh catch of the day, dancing and drinking with your beach buddies, and gambling in the opulent casino, it all extends the day of paradise into the night. And never is there a bad time for a walk along the beach or around the resort, as the weather here in paradise is always just perfect.


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