Finding Paradise on The Bahamas’ Paradise Island

The Bahamas is a chain of over 700 islands, stretching alongside the southeast rim of Florida in the Caribbean Sea. Each island offers a uniquely beautiful experience in paradise. Many of these islands are private, uninhabited, or inhabited by a small population. Several islands though draw a large crowd, either for their natural offerings or for their infrastructural support. And the population of any island can swell when a cruise ship pulls into port.


Perhaps the most-visited and best known of the islands is Nassau. It is the country’s capital and it has a bridge over to Paradise Island, where The Atlantis Resort sits. Famed for its coral pink towers and waterpark, The Atlantis sits on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, offering stunning views. It’s no coincidence that the island is named Paradise. Visitors always swoon, and have a hard time leaving this island that is perfectly paradisiacal.


Paradise Island offers white sand beaches, which if you look closely you’ll see are a collection of crushed shells, washed ashore and broken by the waves against the rocks. Palm trees are among the tropical plants decorating the island, as happy to be soaking up its sunshine as the tourist visitors. The island isn’t large but what it lacks in size it makes up for tenfold in natural beauty. It’s a benefit to the island and its visitors that The Atlantis has set up shop here to allow people to experience all the island has to offer.


Perfect weather, 80*F and sunny with a few clouds dotting the sky, is the norm every day here. The direct sunlight threatens to burn your skin but it’s nothing a little sunscreen can’t handle. When you’re at this resort and on these beaches, swimsuits are the dress code, so you need not worry about overheating in excess clothing. When the sun warms you up too much, take a dip in the pool, splash in the waves on the beach, of let the wind cool you as you race around the bay on a jetski for rent.


From lush green plants and trees, to crisply blue skies and turquoise waters, to golden white sands, and pinky-red flowers, Paradise Island offers a natural rainbow of colors in its assets. The lull of the ocean as the waves crash onto the jetty and roll up onto the beach, paired with the soft wind against your skin to whisk away the sun’s heat, feels like the perfect beach heaven. These beaches have for hundreds of years treated people to these soothing remedies, and it’s a treat and a testament to The Bahamas that this paradise is still here for our enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Finding Paradise on The Bahamas’ Paradise Island

    • brittanyfromboston says:

      The Atlantis was pretty crowded because it was school vacation week for the kiddos. I would suggest the Baha Mar Resort on the other side of Nassau opening soon, designed to draw a more adult crowd with their custom design golf course and larger casino. It’s supposed to offer a more relaxed beach experience. I hope to try it out soon myself!

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